Shani Bălcescu  Cascade / Death of a Lie / Malicious Endeavours


      M'Bifé - Amadou & Mariam
      Feeling Good - Nina Simone
     Secret Agent - Tony Allen
     Birima - Youssou N'Dour
     Má Vlast Vltava - Bedřich Smetana

  • Africa Tamery - So Kalmery
  • Thunder - Imagine Dragons      
  • Biko - Peter Gabriel 
  • Senegal Fast Food - Amadou & Mariam
  • DM Crazy - So Kalmery  
  • Sarama - Rokia Traore
  • Love is a Stranger (Live: Rome) - Eurythmics

Books (3 most favourite)

  • Life and Times of Michael K - J.M.Coetzee
  • Plainsong - Kent Haruf
  • Le Grand Meaulnes (English translation) - Alain-Fournier

Inspired by

       E.F.Schumacher - economist/statistician
       Noor Inayat Khan - SOE agent 

Nicolas Dubois  Cascade / Death of a Lie / Malicious Endeavours 


  • Africans - Nneka 
  • Ethiopia - GiGi Ejigayehu Shibabaw  
  • One Ethiopia Emama Enat Ethiopia - GiGi Ejigayehu Shibabaw 

  • Extreme Ways - Moby
  • Talkin' About A Revolution - Tracy Chapman  
  • Cherie - Baaba Maal  
    Brain Damage - Pink Floyd
  • Fantastic Voyage - David Bowie 
    Could You Be Loved - Bob Marley & the Wailers

Favourite book

       Suite Française - Irène Némirovsky

Khamadi Soglo  Cascade / Malicious Endeavours


  • House of Exile - Lucky Dube
  • If I don't have you - Gregory Isaacs
  • Walk and Don't Look Back - Peter Tosh
  • Revolution - Dennis Brown
  • Stranger in Town - Gregory Isaacs
    Stop That Train - Peter Tosh
  • Deka - Dobet Gnahoré
  • Casamança - Youssou N'dour 
  • Afirika - Angelique Kidjo

Favourite book

       The Bolivian Diary - Che Guevara

Rafael Maqui     Tomorrow Calling   (To be published)


  • Poinciana - Manu Dibango 
  • One Slip - Pink Floyd
  • City Girls - JJ Cale
    What is Life - George Harrison 
  • Licence to Kill - Bob Dylan
    Cinema - Sabina Sciubba  
  • First We Take Manhattan - Leonard Cohen
    Take Five - Dave Brubeck
    May I? - Kevin Ayers
  • Je Veux - Zaz (Isabelle Geffroy)
    So Long, Marianne - Leonard Cohen

Inspired by (film directors)

  • Robert Bresson
  • Chantal Akerman
  • Luis Buñuel
  • Rainer Werner Fassbinder
  • Cristian  Mungiu        

Artists / writers

  •  Jean-Michel Basquiat
     William S. Burroughs
  •  Francis Bacon


       Chantal Akerman - D'Est

Brazilian Girls' Didi and Sabina writing 'I'interprete'


Senica      Tomorrow Calling  (To be published)


  • La Frontera - Lhasa de Sela 
  •  El Carretero - Buena Social Vista Club 
  • Cuando los angeles viajan - León Gieco 
  • Con Toda Palabra (Live Grand Rex Paris) - Lhasa de Sela  
  • El Desierto - Lhasa de Sela 
  • Buenos Aires - León Gieco   
  • Y en Cambio tu - Los Vikings de Usulutan 
  • Un Velero Llamado Libertad - José Luis Perales
    El Extraño del Pelo Largo - La Joven Guardia 

Inspired by

Roque Dalton
Homenaje al poeta Salvadoreño

Lil Milagro Ramírez

  1. ‘Of Time’ 
  2. Lil Milagro Ramírez, trans. Jessica Rainey 

  3. Love the shadows,
    they will save you from death,
    love the night that hides you,
    love the darkness,
    but don’t forget, my friend,
    those who don’t treasure the stars
    won’t see the light when it rises.     

  4. This is the night of the fated.
    I am awake, huddling anxiety,
    heavy in the shadows of despair.
    I await nonetheless
    the arrival
    of a single word. 

  5. I lose my way in the light, backtrack
    to the mirror of dazzling days.
    I seek oblivion
    but every shadow is a trap set for me.
    I hear of a lake dying of thirst,
    recall stories of wingless birds.
    Behind me remains
    the dust of the yellow hours.    

  6. I come from a city where sometimes
    we have very clear evenings
    – only sometimes.
    Now I know why
    I don’t like to discern
    the colour of vultures’ wings
    nor want to share the light
    with those who won’t
    let men smile.


     Monseñor Óscar Romero

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